Defense and National Security

Tom is committed to ensuring our military has the tools and support it needs to defend our country against an ever-increasing array of threats.  When we think of this nation’s defense, we think …Virginia. Virginia is home to the Pentagon, to the largest naval station in the world, Naval Station Norfolk, to multiple military bases, and to our nation’s only aircraft carrier builder, Huntington Ingalls Industries-Newport News Shipbuilding. The Commonwealth also has the largest defense civilian population in the country. The armed forces of the United States are the strongest and most capable in the history of the world.  But our military needs investments to maintain its highest readiness.

A vital part of our nation’s defense is it’s aircraft carrier fleet. Tom believes that the Navy must maintain a 12-battle group carrier force to face the challenges from the Chinese in the South China Sea and the Russians in the Baltic, Black, and Mediterranean Seas. Tom supports steady funding for the Carrier Replacement Program to reduce the risks associated with the current shortfall in available aircraft carriers.

Russia’s autocratic regime poses a serious threat to the US and our allies.  Tom believes that the US needs to assess the nature of the Russian regime realistically, base its policy on that assessment, and put in place a comprehensive strategy with our NATO and other allies that will impose actual costs to Russia for its cyber aggression and destabilizing regional hostility.

Tom believes that we must continuously work with our allies around the globe to combat the terrorism threat by coordinating security information and resources, building better relations with Muslim countries, addressing the issues of poverty and oppression that allow terrorism to thrive, and providing support for local ground forces to drive terrorists from their territories and training camps.

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