Education Reform

Tom believes that a child’s education is a major contributor to his/her success in life and that we must work to make sure each child has access to quality education. As part of this effort:

  • Tom will work to ensure that adequate federal money is allocated to K-12 programs, expand quality pre-K programs, and oppose the Trump budget proposals to implement massive cuts in federal education funding that redirect funds from public programs into private charter schools.
  • Tom will support changes to federal loan programs that provide incentives to encourage prospective students to enter programs geared toward science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There are currently over 6 million jobs in America that are unfilled because of a lack of skilled workers, many in technology related areas. 
  • Tom will support efforts to reform student debt programs so that individuals struggling with debt can restructure and refinance their loans. Tom supports the Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act, introduced by Senator Mark Warner in 2017, that would simplify student loan repayment by making income-based repayment the default option for borrowers. By encouraging greater participation in income-based repayment plans, the bill will help borrowers avoid default during periods of low earnings.
  • Tom supports laws that provide equal protection for all students without discrimination.
  • Tom believes that we should reevaluate and revise requirements for standardized test programs to reduce emphasis on standardized tests and encourage children to think creatively.
  • Tom supports giving states more choice in deciding how to formulate their education policies.
  • Tom supports increasing federal funding for technical job training programs so that we can fill the six million job vacancies that currently exist, many of which require advanced technical skills.

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