Veteran’s Care

We must uphold our commitment to ensuring veterans have timely access to quality healthcare. Tom will fight to boost hiring of doctors, nurses, mental health providers, and additional medial staff needed to fill the over 20,000 vacancies that exist in the veterans’ health system. Tom supports plans to build a new veterans care center in Fauquier County.

Tom supports legislation that would make information on civilian credentialing opportunities available to members of the Armed Forces beginning with, and at every stage of, their training for military occupational specialties, in order to permit members to evaluate the extent to which military training correlates with skills and training required for various civilian certifications and licenses. The idea for the legislation came from Senator Kaine during conversations with veterans who had encountered private sector employers who were unfamiliar with the skills they had developed during military training and how they would translate to the civilian workforce.

Tom supports initiatives to improve the VA appeal process.  The VA has more than 450,000 veterans waiting to hear about an appeal of a claim for benefits, and the average appeal takes up to 5 years to resolve.  The current process for VA appeals is insufficient to adequately support our nation's veterans, including the more than 780,000 veterans who call Virginia home.  There is pending legislation in the House of Representatives and Senate (co-sponsored by Virginia’s Senator’s Kaine and Warner) that would simplify and improve the appeals process, which will help the VA address its drastic backlog and decrease wait times for veterans.

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