Woman’s Rights

Tom will fight for equal rights for women, for their right to make choices about their reproductive health, and to stop changes in health insurance laws that would undermine women’s health and reduce support for single mothers with children. He will fight efforts by Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood by barring their ability to receive federal Medicaid reimbursements.

Tom will support workplace policies that address women’s issues such as paid parental leave and equal pay for equal work. Tom will work for programs that encourage young women to enter into technical fields of study that will, upon graduation, help them fill high paying jobs in the science and technology industries.

Tom supports measures that aim to prevent violence against women and promote lifesaving services for all victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking, without discrimination.

Tom supports the Department of Defense’s decision to open all combat roles to women that will, in part, allow them to pursue military leadership roles that are critical to achieving the senior ranks of the officer corp.

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